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Author Tip: Tiny Stitches

Posted by Lynn Merrill on Jun 24th 2014

Today we have a special guest blogger who happens to be one of our most popular authors! Lindsay Conner is here to share her wonderful “tiny stitches” method. Take it away, Lindsay!Save time by skippi … read more

The Ultimate Seam Guide just got ‘Ultimate-er’

Posted by The Tech Editors on Nov 12th 2012

Have you had an ‘ah-ha’ moment? The kind that urges you to drop whatever you are doing and check to see if your idea works? That is exactly what happened to Annis Clapp, the designer of the Ultim … read more

Quilting Tips: Dealing with Thread Ends

Posted by The Tech Editors on Feb 3rd 2010

This needle has 2 eyes in the head. The lower one is designed the way we are all familiar with – after squinting, ease the tip of the thread through the eye of the needle and pull. However, the secon … read more

Quilting Tips: Adjusting Thread Tension

Posted by The Tech Editors on Jan 11th 2010

There is nothing more frustrating than stitching a seam and then seeing that the stitches are imperfect. You may need to adjust the thread tension, but before you do that, try a couple of other simple … read more