Quilting Tips: Dealing with Thread Ends

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This needle has 2 eyes in the head. The lower one is designed the way we are all familiar with – after squinting, ease the tip of the thread through the eye of the needle and pull. However, the second eye is designed so that a length of thread can be pulled down through an opening at the top and it will “pop” into place. Then, the needle behaves in the familiar way, you stitch and pull, stitch and pull, and the thread does not easily pop back out of the opening.

The threading of the needle is the step that is simplified with this tool, so it becomes an easy task to thread the needle, knot the ends and bury many individual ends of thread when using this tool.

Charlotte Warr Andersen uses this type of needle to easily handle any tail ends resulting from machine quilting. Further information on machine quilting and burying loose thread ends can be found in her book One Line at a Time.

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