Summertime Sampler

Summertime Sampler

Posted by Debbie Rodgers on Jun 4th 2015

Summertime, from Summertime Sampler, a wool applique pattern by Erica Kaprow, is chock-full of an array of delightful patterns. You can follow the pattern exactly to create a whole quilt, or you could use just a few block patterns to make a wall hanging or pillow. 

There are many different motifs, including flowers, birds, houses, a teapot, and even some fish to try.

Erica’s method is easy to use, and she gives you a broad range of areas to personalize the design with different embroidery floss colors and stitches. Make this design your own by using other colors or mixing in pieces from more than one block pattern to create your own.

I hope you will share with us at C&T what you create for your Summertime!