Stripe Quilts Made Modern

Stripe Quilts Made Modern

Posted by Nicole Rolandelli on Nov 11th 2016

In Stripe Quilts Made ModernLauren S. Palmer shows us many different stripe and color pairing techniques that are sure to make your projects pop. Some of her stripe quilts are vibrant and really draw attention. Others are classy and subtle.

With a bit of precise cutting, you can let the pattern on the fabric do the illusion work for you.

Escher is my favorite quilt in this book

I love Lauren’s use of stripes to spice up a classic Tumbling Block.

It’s amazing how three simple diamond shapes can come together to create an eye-catching 3D optical illusion. Using larger 60° rhombus shapes (or equilateral parallelograms, if you’re feeling particularly mathy) cuts assembly time and allows you to produce an optical masterpiece.

The options are endless, and Palmer breaks down many ways that you can use and manipulate stripes to create beautiful patterns and illusions without getting too hypnotic.


I love how this book teaches a new skill that opens up a whole new level of creativity.

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