Strip Quilt Secrets

Strip Quilt Secrets

Posted by Diane D. Knott on Oct 10th 2018

Excerpt from Strip Quilt Secrets: 5 Techniques, 15 Projects by Diane D. Knott.

I want to use the best techniques for accuracy and ease while I’m quilting. I also want to use all the tools available to achieve the best results, and I certainly don’t want to make the process harder than it needs to be! However, I want to make quilts that sparkle, provide interest, and share the beauty of great design. I want to make quilts that are as comforting to look at as they are to use.


With the fifteen project quilts in Strip Quilt Secrets, I hope to share the methods for getting the most effective use from your fabric, simple techniques that result in accurate piecing, tips for making every step more efficient, and stunning quilts that will be treasured forever but don’t take years to finish. I hope that this book inspires you to look at your fabric in a new way, consider some new ideas, and learn some new techniques.

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