Strip Quilt Secrets Blog Hop Kickoff!

Strip Quilt Secrets Blog Hop Kickoff!

Posted by Diane D. Knott on Jan 4th 2019

I’m so happy that you are here for the launch of my second book blog hop!  Strip Quilt Secrets is a book I had been planning to write for quite a long time. It all began back in the early 2000s when a good friend of mine, Patsy Eckman, announced that she had been cutting strips from every piece of fabric she every purchased. Eventually, she discovered that no matter how many quilts she made from her strips, they never ran out! I’m pretty sure we can all relate to Patsy’s dilemma.

The great thing about making quilts from strips is that they can be any style, any size, and celebrate any occasion, event, or person! Strip quilts really can’t be limited in any way. From very basic beginner quilts to elaborate designs and even fun, wonky improvisation, each and every quilt made from strips is unique.

And anyone who’s ever met me knows, I adore selvage quilts. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of sewing selvages into blocks! While I love sewing them into traditional blocks, they can also be grouped by color or they can just play randomly in borders and sashing.

While the book is all about the quilts for me, it’s also important to know that the techniques are the heart of this book. So don’t be one of those folks who says, “Oh I just look at the pictures!” There are some really good tips and tricks in there for cutting and sewing with strips. Each of us builds our own library of skills that work best for us, I hope you find lots of new information in this book to add to yours!

I’m so excited to see what my quilting friends will share from the book this week. Please visit each of these fun blogs to discover more about the book and enter for a chance to win your own copy! You can enter C&T's giveaway here: a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Friday, January 4: C&T

Saturday, January 5: Tanya at Tanya Quilts in Colorado

Sunday, January 6: Val at Val's Quilting Studio

Monday, January 7: Lori at Humble Quilts

Tuesday, January 8: Heather at Peachy Pages

Wednesday, January 9: Audrey at Quilty Folk

Thursday, January 10: Susan at Suzn Quilts

Have fun hopping!


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