Stitch Things with Wings!

Stitch Things with Wings!

Posted by Kathryn Patterson on Sep 17th 2020

Catherine Redford’s new book Butterfly Stitches features 12 flying-creature-inspired hand embroidery and wool appliqué designs. Each design is shown in beautifully embroidered and amazing wool appliqué versions, and includes detailed suggestions for embroidery stitches and finishing techniques.

But that’s just the beginning of this high-flying stitching adventure. In Catherine’s own encouraging words, “I always intend for my students to take my designs and make them their own. I have included suggestions for suitable stitches, and you can follow my color choices if you prefer, but please don’t hesitate to follow your own path. Remember no formality or rules required… it’s folk art!”

Use Catherine’s designs to recreate one of her stunning butterfly quilts:

Or add an embroidered or wool butterfly motif to a faster project such as the aprons, organizer bags, pillows, and canvases showcased in the book’s Gallery section:

Hand stitching is relaxing and super portable, and these motifs will take your hand work to a whole new artistic level. Where your butterflies come to land is all up to you!


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