Sneak Peek into Scrap Patchwork

Sneak Peek into Scrap Patchwork

Posted by Sandra Clemons on Mar 16th 2016

One of the best things about Sandra Clemons' new book, Scrap Patchwork, is that it is packed with information about how to choose color palettes for your scrap quilts! To give you a little taste, here's an excerpt from her book:

Colors deliver messages to us even when we don’t realize it. Some colors are calming, while other rev us up. There is much discussion about what colors “mean,” but there are some common associations. When you choose a palette for a quilt, keep in mind how you want it to make people feel. 

Red: energy, strength, power, passion, and love
Pink: romance, friendship, grace, and femininity
Orange: joy, attraction, encouragement, trust, and enthusiasm
Yellow: happiness, sunshine, freshness, youth, and intellect
Green: harmony, safety, and nature
Aqua: healing and protection
Blue: depth, peace, and sincerity
Purple: royalty, power, luxury, and mysticism
White: light, goodness, and purity
Black: elegance, formality, mystery, and power
Brown: masculinity and stability

How do colors make you feel?

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