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Sizzle Quilt in 2 Bold Colorways!

Posted by Becky Goldsmith on Oct 7th 2020

Sizzle is a book like none I have written before because it began as an online block of the month. I was honored when Alex Anderson invited me to design a block of the month for The Quilt Show, and I knew immediately that I wanted to combine pointy stars, round blocks, and a pop of appliqué in the quilt.

There are two colorways, Cool and Warm, and each has its own set of cutting instructions. I won’t tell you which I like best, but I will tell you that the quilters are evenly divided in their preferences. FYI: I used Alison Glass fabric from Andover for both quilts. 

The blocks are sewn on foundation papers to make those pointy-points easier to sew. If you have been scared to try this technique, rest assured that if you can sew on the line and follow instructions, you can do it. There is more than one way to do foundation paper piecing and yardage is calculated for the technique I used.

TQS is online so I made lots of videos to go with the written instructions. All of those videos are available to you which is so wonderful! The videos bring the instructions to life and help to ensure successful sewing.  (CLICK HERE FOR THE FIRST VIDEO!)

The pattern went through a lot of checks and two quilters made test quilts. One, Barbara Black, posted notes and suggestions to go with each block on her blog which was truly helpful! Those posts are still up and she is happy for you to access them. (Click here for all of her sizzle posts!) While you are there, subscribe to her blog because she writes good posts.

At the time made this quilt, I had no idea that Sizzle would become a book, and I am so happy that my publisher, Amy Barrett-Daffin, made it happen. Thank you, Amy! And it was a lot of work to take my original instructions and format them so that they make sense. I do so appreciate the time that Roxane, Tim, Jennifer, Tristan, April and Julie put into it.

Sizzle is an exuberant, happy quilt and I hope you have fun making one of your very own. Happy stitching!


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