Shanti Yoga Bag Pattern

Shanti Yoga Bag Pattern

Posted by Debbie Rodgers on Apr 25th 2019

Russell Conte loves bags, and he had a lot of fun playing with kraft-tex to create his fabulous, roomy Shanti Yoga Bag. It includes a zippered exterior pocket, a full lining, goiser topstitching, and fun details on the adjustable strap.

Have you ever heard of goiser topstitching? If you’re interested in learning this technique, Russell has created an instructional video showing you how to create this beefy detail with any sewing machine.

He also fashioned a water bottle carrier embellished with hand-tooled brogue punching. I did a little research on this style of embellishment. While there are many patterns, the men’s brogue shoe tends to be characterized by a zigzag edge and a pattern of alternating double- and single-punched holes. Russell re-created this detail by brogue punching the kraft-tex layer and trimming the denim later with pinking shears.

Of course, you can punch or stitch any design you’d like. That is part of the fun of working with kraft-tex—there are so many possibilities!

And then for extra fun and flourish, Russell came up with the magnolia flowers.

The pattern includes a variety of petal sizes so that you can create a simple magnolia or craft your own lush flower.

With the many colors of kraft-tex available and all these fun ideas, I’m sure you’ll have fun creating you own Shanti Yoga Bag and accessories.

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