Sewists Keep Your Mind Sharp

Sewists Keep Your Mind Sharp

Jun 8th 2020

How are you keeping busy during the hot summer months? It's important to keep your mind sharp with enriching mind activities.

 If you're a quilt and sewing enthusiast- curate your fun with completing craft-related puzzles. 

Completing puzzles is a great way to unwind and relax from a long day. It's also hands-on and tech-free- something we all need these days! 

This is the third installment to the best-selling puzzles Happy Quilter Word Searches Volume 1 and Happy Quilter Variety Puzzles Volume 2. Each of the puzzles are of varying difficulty. So start easy to relax, and then challenge yourself later on with more difficult word play.

These puzzles are far beyond what you would find in the local newspaper with Word Round Ups, Word Mines, Criss Crosses, and more. Sit down with your morning coffee, unwind after a long day of work, or relax on the weekend- get back into game activities!

If you're unfamiliar with games like  Word Scrambles and Criss Crosses here are two helpful examples:

There are over 60 different large-print puzzles to explore!


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