Sew a Loverly Table Runner

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In honor of Love Note Day, we're sharing this beautiful free project from Adventures in Hexagons by Emily Breclaw. What a wonderful way to let someone know how much you love them! 

Hexagon Size: 2 ̋ • Finished Quilt: 39 3/4 ̋ × 15 1/2 ̋

his sweet and simple table runner is a perfect introduction to english paper piecing or a quick project with templates. use this project to explore piecing triple and single units. multiple sizes of hearts and layered motifs add whimsy and dimension to the quilt.


Dark Pink: 3/4 yard 

Light Pink: 1/3 yard

White: 1/8 yard

Blue: 1/8 yard

Border: 1/4 yard

Backing: 11/4 yards

Binding: 1/3 yard

Batting: 44 ̋ × 20 ̋


Use the 2 ̋ hexagon family patterns (download here). In the instructions that follow, large shapes measure 2 ̋ on a side and small shapes measure 1 ̋ on a side. 

Light Pink

  • Cut 1 strip 4 ̋ × width of fabric; subcut into 6 large hexagons.
  • Cut 1 strip 2 1/4 ̋ × width of fabric; subcut into 4 large diamonds.
  • Cut 1 strip 1 3/8 ̋ × width of fabric; subcut into 7 small diamonds, 2 small triangles, and 2 small half-hexagons.
  • White
  • Cut 1 strip 1 3/8 ̋ × width of fabric; subcut into 18 small diamonds.
  • Dark Pink
  • Cut 2 strips 4 ̋ × width of fabric; subcut into 14 large hexagons.
  • Cut 3 strips 21/2 ̋ × width of fabric; subcut into 22 large house half-hexagons.
  • Cut 1 strip 2 1/4 ̋ × width of fabric; subcut into 3 large half-hexagons and 8 large diamonds.
  • Cut 2 strips 1 3/8 ̋ × width of fabric; subcut into 14 small diamonds, 4 small half-hexagons, and 4 small triangles.
  • Blue
  • Cut 1 strip 2 1/4 ̋ × width of fabric; subcut into 6 small jewels.
  • Borders
  • Cut 3 strips 2 ̋ × width of fabric.
  • Binding
  • Cut 3 strips 2 1/2 ̋ × width of fabric.
  • Construction

    Seam allowances are 1/4 ̋. Do not sew into the seam allowances.

    Block Assembly

    Big Heart Triple

    Gather: 4 light pink hexagons • 2 light pink diamonds • 4 dark pink diamonds

    1. Sew 2 dark pink diamonds and 1 light pink diamond into a Tumbling Block.

    2. Sew 2 light pink hexagons together.

    3. Join the Tumbling Block to the sewn light pink hexagons, making sure the Tumbling Block is oriented in such a way that you sew the light pink diamond sides to the hexagons.

    4. Repeat Steps 1–3 to make a second Big Heart Triple.

    Baby Heart Single

    Gather: 4 small blue jewels • 2 small dark pink diamonds • 4 small dark pink triangles • 4 small dark pink half-hexagons

    1. Sew a small dark pink triangle to a small dark pink half-hexagon. Sew another small dark pink triangle to a second dark pink half-hexagon, making sure you sew the opposite short side of the hexagon from the first pair.

    2. Sew a small blue jewel to each of the units from Step 1. You will make mirror-image units in this step, not identical units.

    3. Sew the two units from Step 2 together.

    4. Sew the dark pink diamond to the top of the heart.

    5. Repeat Steps 1–4 to make a second Baby Heart Single.

    Diamond Star Single

    Gather: 12 small dark pink diamonds • 12 small white diamonds

    1. Sew 2 white diamonds and one dark pink diamond into a Tumbling Block. Repeat to make a total of 3 Tumbling Blocks.

    2. Sew together the white sides of the Tumbling Blocks from Step 1 to create a star.

    3. Sew 3 small dark pink diamonds to the remain-ing sides of the unit from Step 2.

    4. Repeat Steps 1–3 to make a second Diamond Star Single.

    Big Heart Triple Variants

    Create a layered effect by substituting Baby Heart Singles or Diamond Star Singles for the plain pink hexagons in the Big Heart Triple.

    Gather: 6 small light pink diamonds • 1 large light pink diamond • 6 small white diamonds • 2 large dark pink diamonds • 1 large light pink hexagon

    Use the small pink and white diamonds to make a Diamond Star Single. Then follow the instructions for the Big Heart Triple to complete the unit, but use the Diamond Star Single in place of the pink hexagon on the left.

    Gather: 2 small blue jewels • 1 large light pink hexagon • 1 small light pink diamond • 1 large light pink diamond • 2 small light pink triangles • 2 large dark pink diamonds • 2 small light pink half-hexagons

    Make a Baby Heart Single. Follow the instructions for Big Heart Triple to complete the unit, but use the Baby Heart Single in place of the pink hexagon on the right.

    Quilt Assembly

    Refer to the quilt layout diagram while assembling the rows. Press the vertical seams to the right. Swirl the horizontal seams clockwise around the vertical seams.

    1. Sew 11 dark pink house half-hexagons into a row. Repeat to make a second row.

    2. Arrange and sew the triples, singles, dark pink hexagons, and dark pink half-hexagons into the quilt center as shown.

    3. Sew the rows from Step 1 to the top and bottom of the quilt. Each will have one half of a house half-hexagon left over. Trim these flush with the quilt sides after attaching the rows.


    Gather the border strips. Attach the borders to the quilt.


    1. Layer the quilt top with the batting and backing. Baste and quilt as desired. The quilt as shown was quilted with a meandering curlicue pattern.

    2. Bind the quilt with the binding strips.

    Quilt layout, showing house half-hexagons before trimming

    For more detailed instruction on paper piecing and sewing hexagons together, see Adventures in Hexagons by Emily Breclaw. 

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