Sew a Cafe Curtain for Your Home

Sew a Cafe Curtain for Your Home

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Nov 27th 2017

This fantastic project is taken from Sew Home by Erin Schlosser. 

Café curtains are great for a little privacy in a breakfast nook or kitchen window. Use a fun kitschy print or a classic geometric pattern and get sewing! Café curtains also work well to cover open shelves and vanity openings when you want to hide a bit of clutter.

Techniques Learned/Practiced: Sewing a blind hem

Materials and Supplies

• Light/medium-weight home decor fabric

• Blind hem presser foot for your sewing machine

• Tension rod to fit window, 5/8" or smaller diameter

Measuring and Cutting


Measure the window width inside the frame and determine how long you want the finished café curtain to be. Typically, these curtains cover 1/2 to 1/3 of the window height.

Now for the math to determine the piece that will need to be cut: 

(Window width × 1.5) + 2 ̋ = curtain cut width

Desired curtain length + 3 1/4 ̋ = curtain cut length

For example, if I had a 36 ̋-wide window and I wanted my café curtain to be 15 ̋ long, I’d use these 2 measurements to place in the equation above. 

(36 ̋ × 1.5) + 2 = 56 ̋ and 15 ̋ + 3 1/4 ̋ = 18 1/4 ̋

In this example, the piece I would need to cut would be 56 ̋ × 18 1/4 ̋. Enter the measurements you took and determine the final size of your cut piece. 


Cut out the curtain from the measurements above, making sure you’ve trimmed off the selvages first.



Carefully press each side in 1/2 ̋ and make a double fold to fully enclose the raw edge.

Finish the side seams.

Tip: Always test the iron setting on a small scrap to make sure that the fabric won’t burn, melt, or distort with heat.


Press the bottom edge under 1/2 ̋, then fold 1 ̋ to enclose the raw edge. Finish with a blind hem. Press well.


To make the rod pocket, fold the top edge 1/4 ̋ and press well. Fold again 1 1/2 ̋ and press. Finish the folded edge with an edge stitch.

Complete the rod pocket.


Slide the tension rod into the curtain and hang.

Tip: Add some pom-poms or other decorative trim for a bit of fun. If the curtain will be near a dining table or kitchen sink, consider using a water repellent like Scotchguard to keep it in pristine condition.

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