Scrappy Wonky Quilt Block Extravaganza Virtual Book Tour

Scrappy Wonky Quilt Block Extravaganza Virtual Book Tour

Jun 17th 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Shannon Roudhán and Jason Bowlsby's Virtual Book Tour for Scrappy Wonky Quilt Block Extravaganza starts tomorrow!

"The great thing about scrappy wonky quilt blocks is that if the mood strikes us or a color palette inspires us, we can sit down and make blocks—or even an entire project—right now. No looking for the templates or spending hours and hours on cutting. We just grab the colors that we love, and we're off! 

If you have never made a quilt before, or if you are newer to quilting, you are going to love how forgiving this method of construction is. No ... really ... time after time, folx in our scrappy wonky quilt classes who were intimidated by matching corners and sewing perfect lines have been thrilled with how they can sit down and, with a basic machine that sews a straight line, create something glorious and stunning." —Shannon & Jason

For their Virtual Book Tour, many of the contributors agreed to join in and help celebrate the release of Scrappy Wonky Quilt Block Extravaganza. Follow along to learn more about the making of the book and read candid reviews. The full schedule is below.

Win a free ebook copy!

With some stops on blogs and others on social media platforms, you’ll have multiple opportunities to win an ebook copy of Scrappy Wonky Quilt Block Extravaganza by interacting with the posts along the way!

See you on the tour!


Shannon Leigh Roudhán and Jason Bowlsby have been partners in life for 27 years and have been teaching adults for 20+ years. They have published ten books on crochet and knitwear patterns and have taught scrappy wonky quilting for over four years in person and online. Shannon & Jason currently live in Seattle, Washington.