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Rules for Living with a Quilter

Posted by Jen Lopez on Apr 15th 2020

Quilters are affable creatures and generally easy to live with, but we do have a few rules. The Number One rule is of course, “Don’t touch my scissors”. Quilters have been known to go to great lengths to protect their scissors – everything from hiding them to scattering the house with “decoy” cheap scissors for the family to find when the need for cutting arises. But what other rules should you follow if living with a Quilter?

  • If the iron is out, that does not mean a Quilter will iron your shirt. Irons are for quilting, not for laundry.
  • If a Quilter makes a new quilt for the living room, do not say “This does not match the couch”. Buy a new couch.
  • When you find a giant stack of fabric somewhere in the house and your Quilter says “Oh, I’ve had that forever”, just believe them and walk away.
  • The only place Cooking comes before Quilting is in the dictionary.
  • If a Quilter makes the bed, it just gets unmade. If a Quilter makes a quilt, it stays made forever! Make a quilt!

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