Quilts for Every Season

Quilts for Every Season

Posted by Jen Daly on May 13th 2019

Excerpt from the introduction of Stitching for the Seasons by Jen Daly.

I’ve lived most of my life in New England, and one of the best parts about living in this corner of the world is the changing of the seasons. In New England, the four seasons are very distinct, each with its own look and its own flavor. Spring is fresh and invigorating—quietly colorful with its shades of pink, yellow, and (my favorite) chartreuse. Summer is fast-paced and festive, with brilliant color everywhere you look. Fall is simply gorgeous—all reds, rusts, oranges, and golds set against a backdrop of impossibly blue skies. And winter’s restful atmosphere is reflected in its monochromatic palette of white, grays, and blues. Each season is different, but they are all wonderful, and one of my favorite ways to celebrate the changing seasons is with quilts.

For me, quilts are not just functional objects; they are art. Quilts connect us to the past, express an idea or evoke emotions, and are just so pretty to look at! In my home, I have quilts everywhere—they’re draped over railings and armchairs, hanging on walls and from door knobs, resting on benches as pillows, and covering tables and beds.

For each season, I’ve designed a pillow, a mini quilt, a table runner, a lap quilt, and a charming Little House wallhanging. You can display the quilts in the same spots in your home—rotating them as the seasons pass—or scatter them about and leave them out year-round.






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