Quilting Tips – Sewing Binding Strips together with a diagonal seam

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Usually, the last step in making a quilt is to fabricate and attach the binding around the quilt perimeter. Sometimes, in order to achieve the total necessary length, individual binding strips must be sewn together to create 1 long strip. This is usually done with diagonal seams to reduce bulk on the quilt edge. Use the following method.

Place 2 strips together at right angles, with right sides together. Draw a line from the top corner of the top strip to the bottom corner of the bottom strip. It is important to draw the line in this manner.

Sew on the drawn line.

Trim the excess fabric from the seam, leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Press the seam open.

This is the method described in M’Liss Rae Hawley’s Scrappy Quilts.

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