Quilting shouldn't be a pain in the neck!

Quilting shouldn't be a pain in the neck!

Mar 4th 2021

Sew Healthy & Happy, should be part of every sewer, quilter, and maker’s library. 

With carefully curated sections about workplace suggestions for safe and pain-free cutting, pressing, and sewing, as well as a section on stretching and healthy habits, you have all the information you need to set up your sewing room or studio so you are comfortable to craft for hours and years to come! 

Sewing and quilting (and working at a computer) involves a lot of habitual tasks, so you need to make sure you are comfortable and working efficiently. The charming illustrations show you the best way to set up your workspace and the stretches you need to do periodically throughout the day. 

The book is easy-to-read and the suggestions are easy-to add to your routine. Heed the advice of personal trainer and author, Rose Parr, and craft safely and craft well!


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