Quilter's Bucket List: John Kubiniec

Quilter's Bucket List: John Kubiniec

Posted by Heather Kojan on Oct 20th 2016

Hi all! Heather here with another in our Quilter's Bucket List series!

Today I'm chatting with my good friend, John Kubiniec. John and I met 3 years ago at Quilt Market in Houston. We were there to promote a book we had co-authored. As it sometimes happens when you meet someone new, we went from strangers to fast friends in about two minutes and almost immediately had our own inside jokes! I'm so thrilled for John's recently launched book A New Spin on Drunkard's Path . Packed with great projects and clever techniques, it's a book you'll be glad to add to your quilty book shelf!

Hey, John! Now that your book has debuted, what are you working on now?

I am working on cleaning up my studio (and my life) after finishing my first book for C&T Publishing. So, right now I am working on sewing up some other examples of quilts and projects based on the techniques in the book. I am also designing a quilt that I want to make and enter in some quilt shows.

The book is fantastic! I've already started my own Bowties quilt!

Do you have a favorite quilt you've made?

It would be Polaris. I made this quilt for the final round of the 2010 McCall’s Design Star competition. I had always wanted to make a medallion style quilt, and I was able to do that and bring my love of folk art to the quilt design.

Do you have a favorite quilt you own?

It is actually fragments of vintage quilt blocks that I got from Mary Koval. I love seeing how these were pieced and the designs that were created.

What's on your quilter's bucket list?

I would love to travel to France for the quilt show that happens every September in the Alsace region of France.

A sewing/quilting studio with a lot of natural light.

(John and I both have subterranean studios—aka finished basements!)

I would really like to get a lot better at hand appliqué.

Anything non-quilt related on your bucket list?

I'm working on perfecting the quintessential recipe for chocolate ice cream.

Mmmm, that sounds delish. Please copy me when you get there. Better yet, invite me over for a dish!

Some lightning round questions:

Barefoot or shoes?


Salty or sweet?

A little of both.

Self-taught or schooled?

Classes at local quilt stores and summer quilt camp.

Precuts or yardage?


Perfect or done?

Done! Hah—that's a joke. Most of my work is more like in progress.

John, it's always such fun getting to chat with you! Hope we get to meet up again soon!

Heather Kojan is a quilt teacher, lecturer, and author living in Baltimore, MD. She's the founder of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild. You can read more about her quilting life on her blog www.heatherkojan.com.

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