Quilt As-You-Go Made Vintage (My Latest Book!)

Quilt As-You-Go Made Vintage (My Latest Book!)

Posted by Jera Brandvig on Nov 30th 2017

Hi everyone! I did a post on my blog about my new book back in March, but now that my book has finally released this month (!!), I thought I’d do another post with some videos and pretty project photos.

Below you can find two videos. The first is a quick two-minute overview of my book, and the second video is where I elaborate more and show some actual quilts in hand. When it comes to quilting, I can get talking quite a lot, so I thought it’d be good to share both videos to give you the option and to not talk your ear off.

Take a look below!

For a quick two minute explanation of my second book, you can watch this video that I filmed for The Fat Quarter Shop back in May. Gotta love where YouTube decided to freeze-frame me. I’m surprised my eyes aren’t closed too. 

However, for a video where I elaborate on my book and talk more about the three different QAYG joining methods, you can check out this homemade video of me in my sewing room that my husband helped put together for me.

Again, I want to reiterate that my second book would not be possible if not for all of you that showed a tremendous amount of support and love for my first book. So I wanted to reach out again (I’ll never tire of doing so) to say thank you. This book is for you!

And now for some pretty quilt as-you-go project photos that I promised!

The above quilt was made by Deborah Russell. I am truly thankful to have had help from some very talented gals for my second book! I couldn’t have done it without their help

The quilt below was made by Faith Essenburg of Sarana Ave.

This next quilt I believe I may have mentioned before in a prior post. This is a true vintage quilt. I scored these 1930s hand-sewn blocks from eBay. They were very delicate and not perfect, due to their antique nature, but the quilt as-you-go technique enabled me to very carefully quilt one block at a time, therefore stabilizing each block. Then I assembled the blocks together after each delicate block had already been quilted and stabilized. These once delicate blocks are now stabilized enough to put this quilt through the delicate cycle of the washing machine! QAYG is a great way to carefully assemble true, vintage quilt blocks!

I have a whole chapter dedicated to fabric selection and how to find inspiration from your surroundings. I love fabric, so it was easy and unique to include that.

This next quilt is the High Tea Sampler quilt (also the first quilt on this blog post). I talk about this quilt in my videos and how my book includes 51 quilt blocks to choose from, plus over nine projects to help get your creative juices flowing, plus THREE quilt as-you-go joining techniques. Furthermore, I have a chapter called Quilts for Thought, which has even more QAYG ideas. I want my books to be more than just quilt patterns. I want them to inspire! I want themto let your inner artist come out!

Here’s a big ol’ pile of quilted blocks ready to be assembled. I took this photo when I was working on the High Tea Sampler quilt. It sure is a satisfying feeling having a stack of quilted and squared-up blocks. I carefully walk you through this process in my book, with lots of tips and tidbits to help you along the way.

Here’s a photo I took that shows the back of the quilt. It’s a whole other quilt on the other side!

Here’s another lovely project photo taken by the talented C&T Publishing team. They did an excellent job making this book organized and beautiful.

This next quilt, called Simon’s Quilt, was a special one that I made for my littlest, who is now two years old. It’s a very simple block, but I explain how to use textured fabrics, like this Minky cuddle fabric, in your projects. The QAYG technique makes using these types of materials a bit more manageable. It adds so much to a project, and it’s baby approved!!

And now for some pretty close-ups. If you’d like to read more about the High Tea Sampler quilt (shown below), check out this post.

I hope you get a chance to watch a video. There’s so much to say that it seemed easier to just film me talking about it, rather than writing a long article. I hope you enjoy the photos, and again, thank you for your support!

You can find my book here. If you get the book and love it, I appreciate any honest reviews. They truly help me as an author, and my husband and I read all of them! Thank you SO much!

buh-bye for now



p.s. happy quilt-as-you-go!

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