Playing Cards with the Wee Folk

Playing Cards with the Wee Folk

Posted by Salley Mavor on Sep 13th 2019

I am excited to share the newest deck of playing cards from C&T! This pack of standard sized cards features hand-stitched felt dolls from my how-to book Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures; kings, queens and even a joker. Fairies and other imaginative characters also appear in glorious detail. Aren't they a perfect way for all ages to enjoy the wee folk?

When the cards arrived, I immediately brought out the “real” dolls for a photo shoot. Thank you C&T, for coming up with the idea and producing such a fun and high quality product! My fans tell me that these cards have become their go-to gift for both children and adults. A fan just wrote to say that she sent a pack to her Peace Corp Volunteer daughter in Panama and they are a big hit!

It is my hope that the 120 doll projects I teach how to make in Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures inspire and encourage people to create their own wee world. There is plenty of room for adapting the details of the body and clothing patterns to make each little doll as individual as its maker. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce a character I made to accompany my husband and me on our travels - Polly Doll. She’s structurally very similar to the figures in the book, stands 3 ½” tall, with orange braids and a bendable body. I’ve also added some personal touches, such as hands, shoes and a growing wardrobe. Obviously, these dolls are not just for children!

Polly Doll Travels

For six years now, Polly Doll has stowed away in a back pack, traveling far and wide. She’s an easy companion, who’s only requirement is a new outfit for every trip. Another plus is that she wears the same clothes throughout the trip, so there’s no extra packing to do. We love having Polly come along, as she adds a little perspective to everyplace we go. Today’s post gives a behind the scenes peek at some of her outfits and adventures. Here she is in a fishermen’s knit sweater and tam, all ready to visit Ireland. 

Before we headed out on the trip, I "faux knit" the sweater with embroidery stitches, using off-white wool felt and tapestry yarn. Polly prefers a button down style, so she doesn't muss up her hair pulling the sweater over her head. A little tam with a pompom completes the look.

Polly hiked to the top of Diamond Hill in Connemara National Park.

She was so enthralled by the view atop the cairn that she got left behind. Her companions soon rescued her!


Polly needed extra warm clothes for her trip to Antarctica, but she insisted on wearing her skirt.

For her trip out west to visit family, Polly wore a custom made cowboy hat.

She was in awe of the Utah landscape…

…and hung out in Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine country.


For a trip to Scotland, Polly wore a vest that featured the distinctive bright and bold horizontal patterns found in the Fair Isle style.


She walked the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and fearlessly inserted herself into a battle scene in St. Giles Square.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed meeting Polly Doll and seeing her travels. I welcome you to come along for more of her adventures on my blog


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