Piecing Makeover

Piecing Makeover

Posted by Nicole Rolandelli on Jul 7th 2016

Do you desire perfect points and nice square blocks? While the construction of a beautiful quilt top may sometimes be simple in theory, things can easily go wrong.  Patty Murphy has written a very detailed and visual book, Piecing Makeover, to guide you through the problems that may arise when piecing and teach you how to prevent them.

No more waves, puckers, or bulky seams! You will be able to pinpoint, diagnose, and solve your quilt piecing problems.

This book is a “behind-the-seams” look at how to get perfectly matching blocks that lay flat and quilt easily.

My favorite feature in this book is the time and care that went into showing the reader what to do with multiple seam allowances. Although it may seem like “where they end up” is unimportant, Patty Murphy demonstrates techniques to conquer even the trickiest of seam intersections, without puckers or lost points. Using a method called “furling” in blocks with busy intersections reduces the accumulated bulk from multiple seams and provides a flatter surface for nice, accurate pressing.

Furling method used in Pinwheel block

Furling method used in LeMoyne Star block

Bring your patchwork up a notch. Go from this...

...to this!

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