Organic Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book

Organic Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book

Posted by Amanda Murphy on Aug 22nd 2019

My name is Amanda Murphy and I'm the author of several book with C&T, including the Free-Motion Quilting Idea series. C&T invited me to hop on over here today to tell you guys about my latest book, the Organic Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book!

You might know me from my Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book, or from my line of Good Measure Quilting Rulers for Brewer Sewing. I love rulerwork for the myriad of geometric designs you can create and the way it can give even an inexperienced quilter confidence in their own skills!

But know what I love EVEN MORE? I love to contrast those clean rulerwork lines with organic free-motion shapes. They elevate each other and allow you to create dynamic texture in your quilt tops. You can see this in some of my recent patterns...

Amethyst Jubilee, a recent pattern featuring rulerwork contrasted with free-motion, using fabric from my Jubilee Silver line for Benartex Fabrics (shipping to stores now).

Sunrise, which also features rulerwork contrasted with free-motion. This one showcases fabric from my Nightingale line for Contempo of Benartex Fabrics, shipping in September.

Floret was made using my Celestial Lights line which is just starting to ship. Note how the organic feathers and swirls contrast with the cross-hatched "table" the vase rests on.

So, after basically writing a visual encyclopedia of rulerwork design ideas that can be made with basic quilting ruler shapes (which is what the Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book actually is), I wanted to return to free-motion and make a companion book of sorts. One that would teach some of my favorite basic patterns but also spark ideas that you can take and make your own!

So many of my favorite quilting motifs have their basis in the shapes of the natural world. In fact, you can see this influence very heavily in my Nightingale line. (If you love this line, now is the perfect time to ask your local shop to order!)

Note how the swirls in these prints are evocative of swirls in water, and the branches are reflective of real tree branches, etc.? A lot of times I design fabric so that it can be easily quilted with natural motifs, because free-motion lends itself to the not-so-perfect shapes of the the natural world! (Remember your free-motion should NOT be as regular as your rulerwork motifs . Free-motion creates texture with a more organic, natural style—that is the POINT!)

A free-motion water-inspired design

A free-motion feather design

So that is how I organized this book, too! The chapters are organized into natural motifs, like flowers, leaves, air, and water... There are even seven types of feathers in this book, in all different configurations!

Then, within each chapter, I show you how I would take these designs and use them in the common shape of a quilt top, like allover patterns, squares, borders, sashing, triangles, etc.

As always, there is a clear visual index allowing you to find designs quickly and easily—you can look things up both by Family and Element. And the book is spiral-bound so you can easily lay it open for inspiration while quilting.

So that is the Organic Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book in a nutshell. I really hope you love it! If you quilt with some of these designs, whether in combination with rulerwork or on their own, make sure to tag me (@amandamurphydesign) and C&T Publishing (@ctpublishing) on Instagram so we can see what you've made. And if you have have any questions about quilting, you can ask them in my Facebook Group, Quilting with Amanda Murphy!

Thanks to C&T for letting me share and hope you have fun quilting!

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