Oh Dorky, Geeky, Clever You; Let’s Sew!

Oh Dorky, Geeky, Clever You; Let’s Sew!

Posted by Michele Fry on Jun 10th 2015

Sewing is fun and creative. Artist and author Samarra Khaja is not about to let you forget that. And once you dive into her new book Sew Adorkable, 15 DIY Projects to Keep You Out of Trouble, you might remember that we fabric manipulators are oh-so-clever. Samarra hasn’t met a pun she didn’t like. She will leave you with a stitch in your side as well as in your clothes. Someone else hopes you’ll dance. Samarra hopes you’ll laugh.

It’s really hard not to at least smirk and give that “I see what you did there” nod of acknowledgment when you see a pencil skirt decked out in colorful pencils. Or a shower curtain that looks like notebook paper – because all your best ideas come in the shower, right? Or a tissue box that now resembles an old Remington typewriter. In her effort to keep herself out of trouble, Samarra uses an array of sewing techniques throughout the book. That, plus the fun facts, jokes, and clever illustrations, this book won’t get boring fast.

One important thing I’m taking away from Sew Adorkable is how the bits of useless, but fascinating, knowledge I have, things that probably don’t even help in Trivial Pursuit, could be the spark for a creative project, like Samarra’s adorkable Calculator Quilt that greets you with hello or her beautiful and ingenious Braille quilt. The idea for that came from a story she read as a child. Yep. You should let Samarra Khaja and Sew Adorkable remind you what fun sewing can be.

You can buy Sew Adorkable here