No Scrap Left Behind Is Finally Here!

No Scrap Left Behind Is Finally Here!

Posted by Amanda Jean Nyberg on Mar 24th 2017

No Scrap Left Behind has been a long time in the making. I’m excited to finally share it with the world!

Back in 2011, right after Cheryl Arkison and I completed writing our book, Sunday Morning Quilts, I was at a small quilt retreat with a few friends. Tag lines were given out to each of the members during the weekend. The one that was assigned to me was “leave no scrap behind.” We all laughed about it, but it sums up my quilting style perfectly. In fact, my love for using scraps seems to intensify as each year passes. I find endless enjoyment from using as many scraps as possible. I hope this book encourages and inspires you to do the same!

The quilts and projects in this book are designed to use up every last scrap. They are categorized according to different shapes: squares, strings, triangles, and snippets.

I used to have the theory that smaller scraps are great for small projects and small quilts. For this collection of quilts, however, I wanted to explore how small scraps work in bigger quilts. It takes a little more tenacity and a lot more time, but it also puts a larger dent in the scrap bin. The results are quilts that you can actually snuggle under, and that’s hard to beat!

In addition to that, there are small projects—like pincushions and cards—which use up the smallest scraps. They are easy projects to complete in an afternoon or weekend. Scrap quilts are definitely a time commitment, so it’s nice to have a sense of accomplishment by completing smaller projects in between.

One of my favorite quilts in the book is called Hot and Cold, and it’s featured on the cover. I love this quilt because it’s a prime example of how a simple quilt can still be stunning! Even though it is made out of “just plain squares,” and in solids no less, it is a striking quilt. I had fun playing with the idea of color blocking, grouping warm colors together to contrast with the surrounding cool colors. I’m looking forward to making another version of this quilt, but this time using all prints rather than all solids. It will look completely different, but I can’t wait to see how it comes together.

I hope the projects contained in this book inspire you to actually use your scraps. That is my one goal! Some of you may want to make the quilts following the patterns exactly, and that’s great. Some of you may want to use these quilts and projects as a jumping-off point and run with an idea of your own. That’s great, too! Make the quilts your own. Make them the size and shape you want to. Be sure to put your own personal twist on them. Have fun emptying those scrap baskets. Most importantly, enjoy the journey!

If you need a little help getting started, check out my top 10 tips for successful scrap quilts. I can’t wait to see what you make!

Amanda Jean Nyberg is a scrap quilter to the core. She began her journey in the year 2000 and since then has finished over 300 quilts!

Amanda is a quilt teacher, fabric and pattern designer, Craftsy instructor, blogger, and co-author of  Sunday Morning Quilts. She is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to turn scraps into beautiful, finished objects. She tries to waste nothing.

When she isn’t quilting, Amanda enjoys knitting, fishing, and spending time with her family. She also enjoys cooking and is on a quest to make the perfect pot of soup. Amanda lives in Minnesota with her husband and three children.

Check out what she’s up to by visiting her blog,, or follow her on Instagram @crazymomquilts.

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