National Sewing Month: Create a cork fabric Wreath

National Sewing Month: Create a cork fabric Wreath

Sep 22nd 2020

Happy National Sewing month! All month long we are celebrating by sharing some of our favorite sewing projects right from our books!

The following information is from Create with Cork Fabric by Jessica Kapitanski. Jump into autumn with this festive fall wreath! 


Skill Level: Beginner

Finished wreath: 14˝ diameter

Brighten up your home or a special event with a handmade wreath made from cork fabric! This is a great project for using up scraps, and practicing stitching on cork and layering a variety of cork pieces. By using different color combinations, you can create a cork wreath for every occasion and season!


Choose 3 different colors of cork fabric (A, B, and C) for the leaves.

Cork A, B, and C (each 27˝ wide): 1/4 yard each

Quilting thread: 12, 30, 40, or 50 weight

Twig wreath: 12˝ diameter

Hot glue gun and glue


If you can’t find a twig wreath or don’t like using hot glue, you can use a 12˝ foam wreath and floral pins.


Templates: Make templates using the Wreath large and small leaf patterns.


Cork A, B, and C: From each cork fabric, cut 4 large leaves and 9 small leaves using the templates.


Layer and embellish the leaves!

1. Arrange the small leaves on top of the large leaves, making sure the cork B and C leaves are on top of the A leaves, the cork A and C leaves are on top of the B leaves, and the cork A and B leaves are on top of the C leaves. Hot glue or stitch the small leaves in place. You can refer to the illustration and photograph for stitching ideas or stitch as you wish.


If you choose to stitch the small leaves in place, you can simply sew 1/8˝ around the edge with a straight stitch or decorative stitch. Other-wise, you can stitch vein lines across the leaf for more embellishment.

2.  If desired, you can repeat the same stitch pattern you used on the large, layered leaves to embellish the remaining small leaves.


1. On your worktable, arrange the leaves randomly in a circle to get an idea of how you want to place them.


First, I arranged matching layered large leaves across from each other. Then I filled in the gaps with the small leaves. This way, the cork colors were evenly spaced around the wreath.

2. Secure the leaves to the twig wreath by applying hot glue to the wrong side of a leaf and holding it in place on the wreath while the glue dries.


It is fun to come up with thematic and seasonal wreaths. Make it patriotic with red, white, and denim-blue cork fabric to make a festive Fourth of July wreath! Or use light-pink, white, and mint-green cork fabric to make a pastel cork wreath for a new-born’s room or as a last-minute baby shower gift!

Fabrics: Surface Army Green, Brick Red, and Cinnamon Cork Fabric by Sallie Tomato



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