My New Eco Pouches Brighten My Day

My New Eco Pouches Brighten My Day

Posted by Christina Cameli on Sep 5th 2018

It was a happy day for me when I learned that two of my quilts would be the featured designs on the latest set of Eco Pouches from C&T Publishing. I’ve admired these lightweight, colorful zippy bags over the years, and now I get to enjoy them with some of my very favorite designs: radiant, scrappy quilts from my book Wedge Quilt Workshop.  

When my book came out earlier this year, I shared many of the quilts from it on my blog, A Few Scraps, and asked my readers which ones they liked the best. These two ended up being the favorites for my blog readers, and they were the same ones that the design team at C&T selected as well. The masses have spoken!

The big pouch has a dynamic sun and moon design. This quilt is called Good Night, Good Morning and is quilted with the words of two songs I like singing to my children: “You Are My Sunshine” and “Goodnight My Love”. The smaller pouch has a close up of a brightly colored quilt called Hello Gorgeous, which is the first pattern in my book and full of delicious free-motion quilting to enjoy.

I especially love the idea of giving these useful little bags to my friends because they come with that loving handwritten message on the small bag. Getting out your drawing supplies? Hello gorgeous! Putting on your makeup? Hello gorgeous! Gathering up the myriad little toys that children collect? Hello gorgeous! We can all use a kind word to brighten our days.

I’d like to publicly thank C&T for making my holiday shopping a ton easier and also more affordable. Being able to give a gift that’s truly useful makes a big difference to me. Being able to subtly (or not so subtly) share my love of quilting is a super-bonus! I expect I’ll be using the lovely, versatile Hello Gorgeous—Eco Pouch Set for a long time, and I hope my friends do too!

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