Monkey Picture from Playtime, Naptime, Anytime Quilts

Monkey Picture from Playtime, Naptime, Anytime Quilts

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Jun 15th 2017

Please enjoy this free project from Playtime, Naptime, Anytime Quilts!

FINISHED BLOCK: 12 1/2˝ × 12 1/2˝

Framed single-block appliqués are a great way to decorate a child’s room. Make just one or make a series of different blocks to add to your child’s playroom or bedroom decor.


• 1/3 yard black-and-white print for background

• 1/4 yard total assorted blues and teals for monkey and pieced border

• Scrap of white for face

• Scrap of black for eyes, nose, and mouth

• 1/2 yard paper-backed fusible web

• 1/2 yard backing and binding

• 16˝ × 16˝ batting



• Cut 1 square 10 1/2˝ × 10 1/2˝ for the background.


• Cut 44 squares 11/2˝ × 11/2˝ for the pieced border.


Use pattern pieces 1–7 (download here).

1. Cut 1 each using pattern pieces 1–5. Cut 2 using pattern piece 6. Cut 1 and 1 reverse using pattern piece 7.

2. Appliqué the pieces to the background

Putting It All Together

Refer to the putting it all together diagram (below) as needed.

1. Arrange and sew together 2 rows of 10 squares each for the side borders. Press.

2. Sew the side borders to the block. Press.

3. Arrange and sew together 2 rows of 12 squares each for the top and bottom borders. Press.

4. Sew the top and bottom borders to the block. Press.


1. Layer the quilt top with the batting and backing. Baste or pin.

2. Quilt as desired and bind.

3. Frame if desired.

Putting it all together

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