Modern Quilt Magic at the Festival of Quilts

Modern Quilt Magic at the Festival of Quilts

Posted by Victoria Findlay Wolfe on Sep 27th 2017

What a treat it was to have NEW work, from my newest book Modern Quilt Magic, on exhibit at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK! When we work on a book, we have to keep them quiet for so long that we nearly burst at the seams (literally) waiting to show them to everyone. That is one thing we all love in the quilting community, to share our work! So it is with great pride that I share with you works I have been making this past year that are included in Modern Quilt Magic, which has just been released! You can order a signed copy from my website,

The focus for this book is including as many tips and tricks that I have been teaching as possible, tips that I find help quilters go to the next level in their work. Let's ramp up your skill set! I hear about which techniques quilters struggle with when I teach a class; partial seams, Y-seams, free-form curves, template curves, miniature piecing, and design. You will find all of these skills in this book, shown as I teach them.

All of my books ( 15 Minutes of Play—Improvisational QuiltsDouble Wedding Ring Quilts—Traditions Made Modern, and Modern Quilt Magic) focus on understanding your process and skill building. I share how I work and hope that it will give you some guidance when you are thinking about your own creative process. I take you through learning a new skill on a small project (class projects) so you can go on and tackle the big quilts with confidence.

These quilting tricks are not hard to learn, but you need to allow yourself to learn new tricks in baby steps! Take the fear out of learning a new skill by learning partial seams in a small pillow project and nail it! Next, take your new eyes and start investigating how many different ways you can construct a quilt with that skill. In Modern Quilt Magic, you will start to see how beginning with a basic pattern (Herringbone) and finding one new element to add or change brings out some amazing changes in design. Exciting and inspiring!

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I will be teaching this quilt from the new book, The Happy Wanderer, as a five-day class at Empty Spools Seminars March 2-7, 2018. Get ready to learn a fun quilt (that is not a log cabin), and train your eyes to see new ways to construct your projects with confidence! Come join the fun!

Other classes from the book are listed at my website,, under teaching events.

I hope you will enjoy these quilts, as much as I have making them. They may look complicated, but the parlor trick is, they are not hard at all! YAY!! Learn the secrets in Modern Quilt Magic

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