Memento Making with Lesley Riley

Memento Making with Lesley Riley

Posted by Lesley Riley on Apr 13th 2021

I am very fortunate to be working again with the wonderful C&T Publishing family to bring you my 3rd and latest book on TAP Transfer Artist Paper, The Ultimate Guide to Transfer Artist Paper. C&T has been a huge fan of Transfer Artist Paper (TAP), since I first introduced it over 10 years ago. Even after writing three TAP books, teaching countless classes and doing thousands of transfers, I still find new inspiration and ways to work with TAP. 99% of these new uses and TAP techniques are in this latest book – my most recent discovery was after we went to print.

My inspiration comes primarily from photographs, and also quotes, and phrases gleaned from reading. I am a narrative quilter and artist and seek to tell stories or draw attention to people, places or things with my art. I have way more ideas and inspiration than I will ever be able to bring to life. For that reason, I tend to work small. With that in mind, I want to share one of my favorite small projects from the book.

Memento Packages

A silk factory worker and Emily Dickinson are honored in these two memento packages.

With TAP in hand, you will likely have everything else you need right at home – fabric scraps, paint, decorative threads, yarn and papers and a paper bag. Yes, a memento is created from a brown paper bag! I fold, glue and paint it, sometimes sneaking a private message inside and then add the image of the person, place or thing I am commemorating.

Clara Barton, American. Red Cross Founder 

A memento of home and a favorite quote.

They are so easy and fun to make, I often have a few in various stages, just waiting for the free moment I need to add the next step or finish another one. They are the perfect way to use up small fabric scraps and create something special for yourself or as a gift.

Memento packages in progress.

I hope I have inspired you to get your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Transfer Artist Paper, a package of TAP and create your own special memento. 


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