Mapping Personal Places with Valerie Goodwin

Mapping Personal Places with Valerie Goodwin

May 6th 2021

New Course from Creative Spark Online Learning!

Transform the places you love—and places you’ve always imagined or wanted to see—into one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Award-winning artist Valerie Goodwin shows you how to make quilted maps with easy fabric collage techniques and innovative designs based on maps of your favorite places.

Valerie guides you through finding inspiration in real and imaginary sites, selecting a color palette, transforming a place's essential lines and shapes into quilt designs, creating luminous textures with fabric layering, paints, stamps, stencils, drawing, free-motion stitching, and appliqué.

  • Step by Step Instruction - 100 minutes of excellent, fun video teach you everything you need to know about creating your personal map quilt
  • Guidance on how to select and design your map & tricks for color selection to make your map come to life.
  • A unique way of piecing together the fabric to create an interesting background surface for your map.


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