Make a Folded Ribbon Rose from Judith Baker Montano's Essential Stitch Guide

Make a Folded Ribbon Rose from Judith Baker Montano's Essential Stitch Guide

Posted by Judith Baker Montano on Feb 2nd 2016

Judith Baker Montano's new book, the Essential Stitch Guide, is seriously comprehensive, with over 180 embroidery and crazy-quilting stitches and over 70 combinations. To give you a little taste, we're sharing Judith's instructions for a Folded Ribbon Rose today!

These can be made from various widths and types of ribbon. The size of the rose is determined by the width of the ribbon and the number of folds.

1. Make a 90°-angled fold on the right end of the ribbon, about 1" from the end.

2. Roll firmly for 3 turns to form the center of the rose.

3. Stitch firmly at the lower edge of the roll, through all the layers of the ribbon. Let the needle and thread dangle.

4. With your thumb and forefinger, fold the top edge of the ribbon back and down so the fold lies on top of the twist. 

5. Wrap the ribbon around the center to from the first petal. Pick up the dangling needle and anchor the folded petal, piercing all layers of ribbon. Pull tight and make a knot. Let the needle dangle.

6. Begin the second petal, using your thumb and forefinger. Fold the top edge back and down as before and secure. Continue around, securing, folding, wrapping, and stitching until the rose is the desired size (3 or 4 more rounds). Clip the ends and sew in place.

Want more fantastic stitch instructions, plus a whole source book of inspiration? Judith Baker Montano's Essential Stitch Guide is available on!

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