Magic Stitches: Two Threads, Double the Fun

Magic Stitches: Two Threads, Double the Fun

Posted by Christen Brown on May 9th 2024

Calling all hand-embroidery enthusiasts! I have a new class to introduce you to, Magic Stitches: Two Threads, Double the Fun! I guarantee this will be a fun, colorful, and creative stitching adventure!

This class explores the differences that can be created by working on an embroidery stitch with two threads in the needle. The “two-thread” technique will not only add more color and dimension to the stitch but will often create a totally different shape. I find this fascinating, and hope that you will too!

The development of this class started many years ago, a student asked me to demonstrate the Magic Chain Stitch (see the curved stitch at the top worked in green and purple threads). I really hadn’t thought much about it, so we experimented together. It was quite fun to see how different the stitch appeared, with the two colors of thread.

Years later, when I was developing the stitches for my book, Hand Embroidery Dictionary, I thought about that stitch and decided to experiment with additional embroidery stitches where the “two-thread technique could be used. The class includes the stitches from the book, as well as a few more stitches that can be worked with the technique.

The stitches included in the class are straight stitch, stem stitch, outline stitch, stem/outline fern stitch, Swedish split stitch, magic split stitch, magic cross stitch, cross stitch row, herringbone double stitch, chevron stitch double, lazy daisy piggyback stitch, magic chain stitch, chain stitch feathered, barb stitch, magic blanket stitch, magic fly stitch, heart stitch, magic feather stitch, and Cretan stitch.

In the videos for each stitch, I will first demonstrate the embroidery stitch using a single thread in the needle, then I will demonstrate the “two-thread” stitch. I will also show you how to combine a variety of thread weights, and to play with your own unique colorways. The demonstrations in the stitch videos are offered in both left- and right-hand versions.

There is a class handout that accompanies the course, as well as a video on how to make a sampler roll from your stitch samplers. The course is $16.99 and offers a discount on my book, Hand Embroidery Dictionary, and my Embroidery Stencils, Crazy Quilt Seam Design Stencils.

I hope that you will enjoy working with the “two-thread” technique as much as I have enjoyed introducing you to these stitches. I encourage you to experiment, to be creative, and to continue to learn and grow.

Happy Stitching To You! ~Christen


Christen Brown teaches embroidery, quilting, crazy quilting, ribbon work, mixed media, and beadwork in her best-selling books. With a degree in fashion design, she has shown her work in galleries and fashion shows internationally. She lives in Escondido, California.

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