Macramé Infinity Key Chain

Macramé Infinity Key Chain

Posted by Mia Boyle on Apr 5th 2021

Macrame key chains, key rings, bag tags are all really fun ways to add a little bit of boho style wherever you go. This one is based on the infinity symbol and is super quick and easy to make. This mini circular pattern can also be incorporated into larger macrame wall hanging to create intricate detailing.

Step 1

You will need scissors, cotton scraps (2 x 24in, 1 x 8in), a comb and a key chain/bag tag clip.

Step 2

Attach the two longer pieces of cotton to the clip loop with a larks head knot shown.

I am working with the reverse side of the lark head.

Step 3

Cross over the two outer strands.

Pass the two inner strands over the loop created using a half clove hitch knot.

Tighten by gently pulling all four strands.

Step 4

Using the second from the left strand, tie a clove hitch onto the far left strand.

Repeat on the right side.

Close the circular pattern by using the same technique as you started- cross over outer strands to create a loop and pass the two inner strands over them by using a half clove hitch.


Step 5

This becomes the bottom of the last circle and the top of the next. Repeat the circle again- clove hitch on either side and close the circle.

Step 6

Tie off the pattern with a gathering knot using the last length of cotton.

Step 7

Trim and comb the end of the tassels.

Step 8



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