Love Your Serger!

Love Your Serger!

Posted by Kathryn Patterson on Jul 20th 2020

If you own a serger sewing machine, chances are you belong to one of two groups:

(1) those who love their machines and use them regularly to make awesome garments and accessories from both knit and woven fabrics, or

(2) those whose sergers are stuffed in a closet, covered in random stacks of fabric and other oddments, or (yikes) still in the box.

What’s the difference between these two groups of owners, and how do you move from the second group to the first?

Knowledge is key. Even if you’ve used a standard sewing machine for decades, getting started with a serger is not a completely intuitive process. It takes practice, skill building, and confidence, and it’s an investment of time that will pay off handsomely. So, how to acquire all the serger knowledge you need?

Welcome to Serger 101, the new book by national sewing educator Katrina Walker! This encyclopedic guide to sergers is written in a chatty, informative style that will make you feel like you have an expert on call right in your sewing space.

And Katrina has included much more than complete instructions, troubleshooting advice, and professional insights…there are also 10 serging projects to build your skills and confidence.

For instance, try some Fabulous Flatlocked Table Fashion to show off your perfectly formed serger stitches and freshen up a kitchen or dining room.

And once you’ve mastered the basics, take it to the next level with the Marvelous Market Tote. You’ll be able to show off your growing serger confidence everywhere you go!

Don’t let lack of knowledge keep you from using your serger. Pick up Serger 101 today and start a love affair that’s sure to be rewarding for many years to come.


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