Love Your Creative Space Book Blog tour!

Love Your Creative Space Book Blog tour!

Posted by Lilo Bowman on Jun 26th 2020

Ever wonder when you're going to deal with the elephant in your creative space? You know who I'm talking about...the one who turns your fabric stash into a fabric dump or hides your lovely hand embroidery under Fido or Fluffy's favorite lounge pad. Let me help you discover a new way of working in your creative space that doesn’t involve:

  • Endlessly shifting clutter from one area to another before 'playtime' can actually begin.
  • Thinking of and using your precious space as a storage unit.
  • Spending time hunting for project supplies.
  • Feeling frustrated that you can't see, reach or play the way you used to.

Please join me for the rest of the month as my fellow quilt bloggers and creators share how they've begun to love and organize their creative space using the information from my book! All dates and links are below. Be sure to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win an ebook copy of Love Your Creative Space

The Love Your Creative Space Blog Tour:

Friday 26 June:

Christa Watson

C&T Publishing

Saturday 27 June:

Bonnie K. Hunter

Teri Lucas

Sunday 28 June:

Mel Beach

Heidi Proffetty

Monday 29 June:

Deborah Boschert

Karlee Porter

Tuesday 30 June:

Lilo Bowman

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