Let Alex Anderson Be Your Quilting Mentor

Let Alex Anderson Be Your Quilting Mentor

Posted by Alex Anderson on Oct 24th 2016

In my mind, the words “home” and “quilting” have always complemented each other, because it was in cloth that I found my home and my artistic voice. My grandmother—my first mentor—had me stitching in a hoop when I was about four. I started sewing in sixth grade and was given my first sewing machine in eighth grade. My love of sewing focused on quilting starting with college art classes.

Me with my very first sewing machine. 

It doesn’t matter at what age you get started, as long as you start! It is helpful to have teachers and mentors who love it and help you nurture your creativity and the joy that comes with quilting. I remember that feeling when I first started, and I’d love to share it with you.

My new book, Make Your First Quilt with Alex Anderson, offers tips and tricks for basic quilting techniques, and hopefully will ignite your passion and open the door to the magic of quilting. And it is magic: it is a community of people who share their creativity, who nurture and support others, and whose lives and love are present in every stitch they take.

Step inside these pages and you will learn how to choose and prepare fabrics; how to cut and sew them to create patches; then how to build the patches into blocks, and the blocks into a quilt. You will explore how color choices, block placement, and borders can completely change the look of your project—and you will be amazed at the variety and creativity that can be achieved with just one block!

I’d like to be your mentor on this journey, to welcome you into the quilting family, and to share with you the absolute pleasure of being a part of this vibrant community. It is my family, and my true home.

My door is open—come on in!

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