Learn to sew Tops, Skirts, and Pants!

Learn to sew Tops, Skirts, and Pants!

May 21st 2021

Know how to sew a T-shirt? Awesome! Now it's time to level-up your sewing skills with ease. Barbara Emodi shows you how to personalize your wardrobe with professional garment sewing methods with Core Garments. Want to learn how to add a V-neck to any knit garment? How to add a polo collar? Or how to add a gusset piece to leggings for improved fit and comfort? Or a patternless guide to adding an inset zipper? Barbara's got you covered so you'll be all set to sew your own wardrobe with ease and personal style.

 "I love to sew and wear knits. Knit garments such as V-neck and polo shirt tops and dresses, dressy or casual sleeveless tops, pants, leggings and skirts - are the core garments of most wardrobes. I want to share my favourite methods for constructing all of these with shortcuts and pro tips I have learned and developed over a 50 year sewing career. My mission in this course is to help you discover your own confident, stress-free sewist. I look forward to sharing that journey with you. Happy sewing." - Your instructor, Barbara Emodi


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