kraft-tex Superhero Costume!

kraft-tex Superhero Costume!

Posted by Lauren Herberg on Oct 20th 2020

Halloween is fast approaching, make this no-sewing-required superhero costume just in time for Halloween or just for playtime!  

Kraft-tex Superhero Costume

 Halloween might look different this year in how we and our little ones will be able to celebrate the holiday, but one thing that will never change is kids’ need and love of playing and dressing up! Kraft-tex is the perfect material to add all those fun and essential accessories to make a costume go from okay to awesome! This pattern includes instructions to make a super belt, mask and armbands. It’s tough and resilient enough to keep up with kids and everything that they can throw at it. Kraft-tex also has a great texture that will amp up your costume and your excitement! Follow this super-simple pattern to create a fun costume for the superhero in your life: you don’t even need to know how to sew! Any steps that require sewing are totally optional and are only to add a decorative finish.


1 roll of Blue Iris kraft-tex

Scraps of Marsala kraft-tex

Scraps of White kraft-tex


3/4'' wide hook-and-loop fastener strip


Matching thread for topstitching (optional)



1. Measure the circumference ofyour superhero’s waist and add 4” to that number. Cut a strip of Blue Iris kraft-tex of that length by 1.5” wide.

2. Cut out Template A Belt Front including the 6 stripes. Trace on to Blue Iris kraft-tex.  

3. Cut the shape out of kraft-tex. Use a craft knife and ruler to cut out the stripes from the middle.

4. Trace Template A Belt Back onto Marsala kraft-tex and cut it out with scissors.

5. Glue the Marsala oval to the center of the Blue Iris strip.

6. Trace Template B Star on White kraft-tex and cut out a total of 4 white stars.

7. Glue one white star to the center of the Blue Iris oval. Put the other 3 white stars to the side for later.

8. Hold the recently glued pieces together while the glue dries by placing a stack of C&T Publishing books on top.

9. OPTIONAL: Stitch the Marsala oval to the kraft-tex strip being careful not to stitch where the Marsala kraft-tex will be seen under the Blue Iris oval.

10. OPTIONAL: Topstitch around the white star for a decorative look.

11. Glue the Blue Iris oval to the front of the Marsala background oval.

12. OPTIONAL: Topstitch the Blue Iris oval in a matching thread color.

13. Cut 2 pieces of hook-and-loop fastener strip 4” long and glue the hook side to the front of one end of the kraft-tex belt.

14. Glue the loop side to the back of the other end of the kraft-tex belt.

15. OPTIONAL: Stitch around the hook-and-loop fasteners on both ends to give the belt attachment some extra stability.

WHAAMMM! BONK! BLAMM!!! Superhero belt ready for action!


1. Template D for the armbands is made for a child about 6 years old. Adjust the template size for your superhero. The bottom straight edge of the template should be the circumference of the wrist plus 1.5”.

2. Trace Template D Arm Band on to Blue Iris kraft-tex. Turn the template over and trace another one onto the kraft-tex to make a mirror image. Cut the 2 armbands out of the kraft-tex.

3. Take 2 of the white stars that you previously cut out and glue one to the top of each of the armbands.

4. OPTIONAL: Topstitch the white stars with matching thread.

5. Cut a piece of hook-and-loop fastener strip the length of the side of the armband.

6. Glue the hook side to the back of the armband along the straight edge of the side.

7. Glue the loop side of the fastener strip to the front of the armband along the edge on the other side.

8. OPTIONAL: Stitch around the fastener strips to give them some extra stability.

9. Using a craft knife and ruler, make 3 slits down the center of each armband. Measure 1” up from the bottom straight edge of the kraft-tex armband and cut a slit .75” long. Cut another .75” slit that is .75” above the top of the first slit. Cut the third slit .75” above the top of the second slit.

10. Trace and cut out 6 Spike Template E’s out of Marsala kraft-tex.

11. Cut the slit from the bottom of all Spike Template E’s.

12. Insert 3 spikes into the 3 slits on each armband.

13. Fold the tabs over and glue to the back of the armband.

14. Place a stack of C&T Publishing books on either side of the spikes so that it applies pressure to keep the kraft-tex together while the glue dries, but does not smash the spikes down.

SKREEECH! SPLAAT! CRASHH!!! Armbands locked and loaded!


1. Trace Mask Template C Front onto Blue Iris kraft-tex.

2. Cut out the traced shape including the 6 bars on the sides which is done easiest with a craft knife and ruler.

3. Cut Mask Template C Back out of Marsala kraft-tex.

4. While holding the Marsala mask against the pair of sunglasses, trace the shape of the lenses onto the kraft-tex. Cut out the eye holes.

5. Clip the Marsala mask to the Blue Iris mask and trace the eye holes. Cut the eye holes out of the Blue Iris mask.

6. Glue one of the white stars that you previously cut out to the front of the Blue Iris mask.

7. OPTIONAL: Topstitch the white star to the mask as decoration.

8. Glue the Blue Iris mask to the Marsala background mask.

9. OPTIONAL: Topstitch around the blue mask and the cutouts in a matching blue thread.

10. Using a hot glue gun, glue the center of the mask to the center of the sunglasses. Glue along the top edge of the sunglasses frame and curve the mask to the shape of the glasses. Do one side at a time so you can hold the kraft-tex in place as the glue dries.

11. Repeat for the other side of the mask.

WHOOOSH! BAP! POINNNG!!! Identity concealing mask with laser sight engaged!

BONUS: Superhero Shirt! 

1. Print the Template for T-shirt onto cardstock. Cut out the shapes with a craft knife.

2. Use your newly made stencil to spray paint the superhero design onto a shirt.

SLLUURP! THWUNK! POW!!! Superhero accessories assemble! Costume fully operational. Super fun playtime initiated! KABLOOIE!!!




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