kraft-tex Reindeer Cone

kraft-tex Reindeer Cone

Posted by Sue Astroth on Dec 12th 2016

Stitch up a sweet reindeer cone for the holidays! 


  • 14" x 14" square piece of kraft-tex, Chocolate (cone)
  • 6" x 12" piece of kraft-tex, Natural (antlers)
  • Scraps of White and Black kraft-tex (eyes)
  • 3 yards rayon seam binding or other ⅝" wide ribbon
  • Thread
  • 3/4" wooden bead with large hole
  • Black acrylic paint and/or red paint for Rudolph
  • Glue gun
  • Pattern tissue (I used chipboard because that was easier to trace around)
  • Screw punch with ⅛" bit or ⅛" hole punch
  • Large-eyed tapestry needle
  • Optional: Sizzix to cut eyes, green floral foam to help hold cone shape (I had some from a previous project. You could also use tissue paper), and brown shredded craft paper

To Make a Reindeer:

1. Download pattern pieces, print them out, reassemble the large triangle, and trace onto kraft-tex.

2. Cut out 4 triangles from Chocolate kraft-tex.

3. Cut 1" x 14" strip of Chocolate kraft-tex.

4. Cut two large ovals from White kraft-tex.

5. Cut two small ovals from Black kraft-tex.

6. Paint bead inside and out. Let dry.

7. Using scant ⅛" seam, sew 2 triangles together, then sew remaining 2 triangles together. Finger-press both sets open. With all seams facing out, sew triangle pairs together to make a cone.

8. Sew ribbon onto 1" x 14" strip of Chocolate kraft-tex; use photo as a placement guide.

9. Drill holes in antlers and cone using position marks from the antler pattern.

10. With tapestry needle, thread ribbon through the cone and antlers, tying a large bow on each side of cone.

11. Slide painted bead onto tip of cone and glue in place with hot glue.

12. If desired, cut down a piece of green floral foam to 3⅞" square and taper sides to roughly match cone. This may take a couple attempts. Push into cone to help maintain shape. Note: it will not be an exact fit.

13. Glue black ovals onto white ovals for the eyes, then glue onto cone.

14. Fill with treats and hang to enjoy!

Some Alternate Options:

Snowman: Try White kraft-tex with a black handle, tie a mini scarf around top, and add black shiny buttons and a black bead.

Candy Cane: Using White kraft-tex, cut out and paint red stripes on each piece before sewing together. Use a red glittery bead and red ribbon as decoration.

Santa Hat: Use Red kraft-tex for the cone and hot glue white furry trim around top and tip of cone.

Elf: Use Apple Green kraft-tex for cone, then embellish with Red and White kraft-tex scraps.

Elegant: Use WhiteRed, or Apple Green kraft-tex and trim with gold or silver painted kraft-tex shapes (snowflakes, crowns, fleur-de-lis, or even a monogram or initial). Paint bead in same metallic color. Use wire to attach handles to cone so you can use a wider trim such as velvet and tulle for the bows.

Polka Dots: Cut or punch out lots of circles and accent with contrasting ribbon color.

Gift Bags: These make great gift bags. You can hang them on the back of chairs as place cards, use them instead of stockings, mix them into garlands filled with candy and ornaments as decoration, hang them on the tree as ornaments, or you can skip the handle, add an elastic chin strap, and use as a hat! 

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