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kraft-tex July Color of the month: Marsala

Aug 4th 2020

The kraft-tex color of the month for July is Marsala! 

This Marsala holiday door stopper is a fun new addition to your holiday decor. The marsala color makes for the perfect Poinsettia flower, a Christmas time favorite! 

We invite you to join the fun and make your own kraft-tex projects each month along with us. If you do create something with kraft-tex, please snap a photo of your creation and tag us on Instagram @ctpublishing. If you make this specific project don't forget to tag it with #krafttexdoorstopper, #krafttex and #ctpublishing.

Holiday Poinsettia Door Stopper

Featuring Marsala kraft-tex

By Sophie Scardaci

This jolly door stopper is quick and easy to make. Make a bunch for your entire house or gift them to friends and family (awesome hostess gift). Marsala kraft-tex is a rich, warm red but you could easily use Crimson kraft-tex for a bright, bold pop. One roll of kraft-Tex could yield at least five 3-layer poinsettias while one Fat Quarter of main fabric will make two projects!


Flower: 1 roll of Marsala kraft-tex or 1 sheet of Marsala from a kraft-tex sampler pack.

Main fabric (Moda): ⅜ yard or 1-Fat Quarter

Contrast Fabric (Moda): ⅛ yard, large scrap or Fat Eighth

Pellon 809 Decor Bond Interfacing: ⅜ yard

⅝” wide Velcro: 9” long

Yellow buttons or beads

Flower template

Quart sized ziploc bag

Rice, dried beans, sand, etc for weight

Prep materials: cut kraft-tex and fabric as follows:

- kraft-tex: use pattern templates to cut out each petal layer (be sure to press with steamy iron)

- Main Fabric: cut 1- 10” x 18”

- Contrast Fabric: cut 2- 10”x3”

- Interfacing: cut 1- 9¾” x 17¾” rectangle

Instructions (¼” seam allowance is assumed):

1. Center and fuse interfacing to the wrong side of the main fabric.

2. Place contrast fabric on each 10” end of main fabric with right sides together. Sew each side. Press open each seam.

3. Fold Fabric piece in half so that the contrast fabric lines up at top. Sew each side, starting at the top and going towards the bottom.

5. Mark a box at each bottom corner that measures 1.25” x 1.25”. Measure from the folded edge and stitch line (see photo). 

Cut boxes out.

5. Box corner by folding the bottom box such that the seam on the edge would match with the fold. You should have a straight edge to sew across (see photo). Sew ¼ inch from the edge, back stitching at the beginning and end of the row.

6. Turn pouch right side out, punching the corners out.

7. Fold the fabric band at the top inward by ½” and press. Now fold inward again by 1¼” and press. You should have a band of approximately 1” showing on the outside. Secure band by stitching along the edge between the main fabric and the band.

8. Center each side of the Velcro on the inside of the band ¼” from the top. Secure in place with clips or pins. Stitch Velcro strips in place by stitching ⅜” from the top followed by another stitchline ⅝” from the top.

9. Stack Poinsettia leaves. Use a sewing machine to tack the stack in the middle with 3 stitches or so. Place on the pouch and tack the flower with another 3 stitches. Fold or bend the petals to give more dimension if desired. (see photo)

10. Glue or hand sew beads, buttons or sequins to the center of the poinsettia. Warning, it is tough to hand sew through the three layers of kraft-tex and interfacing so have a sharp needle and strong hand if you do.

11. Take a quart sized ziploc bag and fill with a weighted material. Tape the top of the ziploc with packing tape to be sure it doesn’t open. Place inside of the pouch.

12.Post your fabulous project and tag it with #krafttexholiday #krafttexdoorstopper #ctpublishing and #krafttex 


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