kraft-tex Designer Color Inspiration

kraft-tex Designer Color Inspiration

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Mar 7th 2019

One of our favorite parts of coming up with new additions to our line of kraft-tex is deciding which colors to include next! There are just so many beautiful colors out there, it's hard to pick just one (or two, or six . . . ). We always try to come up with colors that we would personally be excited to use in our kraft-tex projects, as well as colors that balance out or fill gaps in our existing line. Part of the process is looking for color inspiration, both to help us narrow down to a particular shade and to make sure the dye comes out looking exactly as we want it to. Today we're sharing some of the images that helped us dream up the shades for our kraft-tex Designer collection

When we decided to expand beyond the neutral colors of our Basics collection, we knew we HAD to include a shade of red. The earthy, almost dark, mood of the images we gravitated to helped us settle on a wine-colored shade of red that we thought would look incredible sophisticated. Of course, we named it Marsala!

As you can see, our initial inspiration for the purple-pink shade we called Orchid were the radiant flowers of its namesake. However, as we refined the dye, we drifted toward a more purple-y tint reflected in our other inspirational images. 

We initially called the bright shade of orange we selected Tangerine Tango for the fun, happy feeling it gave us—although we have since shortened the name to Tangerine. :) 

Greenery was Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year, which likely influenced our choice of this particular shade of green! It just seemed to be popping up everywhere we looked, from fashion to interior design to food. 

Turquoise stones, turquoise seas . . . our minds were clearly drifting towards vacation as we gathered the images that eventually inspired our greenish-blue color of kraft-tex, Turquoise. We also loved the way it paired with classic Black or White kraft-tex to create a striking, modern look. 

Clearly you can't have too many shades of blue! At least, that was our thinking when we selected a second shade of blue, Blue Iris, as the sixth color in our original kraft-tex Designer line. And our thinking hasn't changed since then . . . we also have two more blues, Denim and Sapphire, coming out in April and August, respectively. We're so excited to have even more colors to play with!

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