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Kraft-tex December Color of the Month: Turquoise

Jan 7th 2021

The kraft-tex color of the month for December is Turquoise!

Get your logs from outside to hearthside in style with this kraft-tex firewood carrier!

We invite you to join the fun and make your own kraft-tex projects each month along with us. If you create something with kraft-tex, please snap a photo of your creation and tag us on Instagram @ctpublishing and with the hashtags, #krafttex and #ctpublishing. If you make this specific project don't forget to tag it with #krafttexfirewoodcarrier.

Kraft-tex Firewood Carrier

Using just kraft-tex and some polyester strapping, you can make this fun and functional firewood carrier. Save your carpets and clothes from mud and mess when you stack your logs in this handy kraft-tex carrier. Brighten your home with the season’s feelings by decorating the kraft-tex with snowflakes and even personalizing with a monogram letter. The final color for this year of kraft-tex, Turquoise, is a beautiful color to make winter themed projects, especially when paired with other kraft-tex colors like Crimson, White, Stone or Marsala. You’ll also be impressed with the sturdiness of kraft-tex when you put it to the test!


1 roll of Turquoise kraft-tex (or your favorite color)

1 roll of Stone kraft-tex

1 roll of White kraft-tex

3 yards of 1.5” wide strapping

Pinking shears or scissors with some other decorative edge (optional)

Matching topstitching thread



1. Use pinking shears or other decorative edged scissors to trim the roll of Turquoise kraft-tex to 24” long. Trim both of the short sides with the decorative edge. It is helpful to draw a line to follow with the point of the scissors to make sure that your line goes straight across.

2. Trim the Stone kraft-tex to 36.5” long by the same width as your Turquoise kraft-tex roll. Since our Turquoise kraft-tex is washed, hand-dyed and hand-cut, the size will vary slightly. My roll is 18.375” wide so I cut the Stone kraft-tex to the same width.

3. Measure and put a small mark 5.5” in from the corner on the short side of the Stone kraft-tex and 6” in from the corner on the long side.

4. Align a ruler and cut from dot to dot, cutting off the corner. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on all four corners of the Stone kraft-tex.

5. Cut the strapping to 102” long and trim both ends so they are straight and not fraying.

6. Butt the 2 ends of the strapping to make one continuous circle. Make sure that the same side of the strap is facing up and that the strap is not twisted at all. Using a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine, sew the ends together.

7. Print the Snowflake template. Trace and cut out 6 snowflakes from the White kraft-tex. I used graphite paper to copy the pattern to the back of the White kraft-tex. If you use this method to transfer the pattern, tape the graphite paper, graphite side down to the kraft-tex. Tape the Snowflake template on top of the graphite paper.

8. Trace the outline of the snowflake with a pen. When you lift the graphite paper away, you’ll see the pattern transferred to the kraft-tex. Repeat for a total of 6 snowflakes. I also cut out a large letter H which is the first letter of my family name. If you would like to personalize your firewood carrier, use a word software to enlarge the letter of your choice to about 3.5” wide. Print, trace, and cut the letter out from White kraft-tex.

9. Arrange your pieces like in the photo with the Stone kraft-tex on the bottom, then the Turquoise kraft-tex centered on top and the strap loop on top of both pieces of kraft-tex. Lay out the snowflakes and monogram letter in a visually pleasing way.

10. Glue the White kraft-tex snowflakes and letter to the Turquoise kraft-tex to baste them in place.

11. Using a matching white thread, stitch all the White kraft-tex pieces down.

12. Center the Turquoise kraft-tex on top of the Stone kraft-tex and clip the sides together.

13. Stitch the short sides of the Turquoise kraft-tex down to the Stone kraft-tex.

14. Use an easily removable tape to mark a straight line from one top corner of the Stone kraft-tex, across the length of the kraft-tex, to the other corner on the same side.

15. Center the spot where the strap is pieced together in the middle of the kraft-tex because this will be the bottom of the carrier. Align the strap along the tape and clip the strap to the kraft-tex so that the outside edge of the strap meets the point of the kraft-tex corner. Also, make sure that the strap is not twisted.

16. Using a matching color thread, sew along both sides of the strap as close to the edge as possible.

17. At the top of the strap, sew across the top edge of the kraft-tex and sew an “X” to fasten the strap securely.

18. Repeat steps 15-17 on the other side of the strap. Except this time when you have clipped the strap to the kraft-tex, check that the height of each handle is the same. Adjust the strap as needed to obtain the same length handle on both sides. Be especially careful to make sure that there aren't any twists in the strap handles.

19. Once you have sewn the second side of the strap, Congratulations! You have finished your kraft-tex firewood carrier! Enjoy the cold winter nights by a warm fire!


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