kraft-tex Color of the Month: Orchid

kraft-tex Color of the Month: Orchid

Mar 3rd 2020

2020 is the year of kraft-tex! What is kraft-tex, you ask? kraft-tex is a rugged vegan paper that looks, feels, and wears like leather, but sews, cuts, and washes just like fabric.

Each month this year, we are featuring a different kraft-tex color and project, and each color correlates with the birthstone for the month. In addition to our own projects, follow along to see kraft-tex projects made by our talented and creative kraft-tex ambassadors. Read on to see their projects.

February's color is Orchid! We invite you to join the fun and make your own kraft-tex projects each month along with us. If you do create something with kraft-tex, please snap a photo of your creation and tag us on Instagram @ctpublishing.

Wine Bag Pattern

By Sophie Scardaci

Wine Bag features Orchid kraft-tex and “Stellar” Fabric by Rashida Coleman Hale for Ruby Star Society

Download the pattern here to follow along


kraft-tex: 1 roll will make 2 bags

Main fabric: ⅖ - ½ yard

Lining fabric: non directional: ⅓ yard directional: slightly more than ½ yard

Fusible interfacing:

  • ⅓ yard Heavy Interfacing (44” wide Pellon 809) for the Lining
  • ⅔ yard Light Interfacing (20” wide Pellon SF101) for the Main Fabric

1” wide ribbon

Preparing Pieces:

Print pattern pieces and tape together. Be sure that the scale on the pattern is correct.

  1. Cut 1 piece of kraft-tex using pattern piece #2. Use a chalk pencil on the “back” side to trace the scallops.
  2. Cut 2 pieces each of lining and interfacing using pattern piece #1
  3. Cut 2 pieces each of main fabric and interfacing using the top portion of pattern piece #1

Assembly Directions: (All seam allowances are ¼ inch)

1. Attach interfacing to the wrong sides of the main fabric and lining.

2. Align kraft-tex onto main fabric:

a). Place Pattern Piece #1 face-up on work surface.

b). Place scalloped kraft-tex on top of paper pattern piece #1, matching the scallops.

c). Place main fabric right side down carefully on top of the kraft-tex and pattern being sure not to shift the first two layers.

d). Clip the kraft-tex and main fabric at the sides with 2-3 clips on each side. You can use a little blue tape to secure as well if needed.

3. Stitch with straight line about 1¼ inches below the top of the scallops across the width of the fabrics. Repeat on the other scalloped kraft-tex end.

4. Fold in half, right sides together, and crease bottom lightly. Starting at top of each side, stitch towards the bottom. 

5. Using a pen mark a 2” square on each bottom corner, measuring from stitch line and creased edge (see diagram). Cut squares out from corners.

6. Fold the stitch line towards the bottom crease, while lining the cut edges into a straight line. Clip in place. Stitch along edge. 

7. Turn right side out (It can take some scrunching and manipulation of the kraft-tex).

8. Place lining right sides together. Sew bottom. Sew one side completely. Sew the other side but leave a 4-5” opening in the middle of the side and be sure that you have sewed at least 4” from the bottom. Box bottom corners similar to the first part. Be sure to measure 2” from stitchline, not the edge of the fabric. Cut out the corners and repeat step 6.

9. Place main fabric and kraft-tex inside the lining (right sides together). Match up upper edge and clip or pin. Sew each side but DO NOT sew across the top of the handle. Leave it open like a little sleeve.

10. Clip curves

11. Turn bag through the lining opening. You will have to really squish and krinkle the kraft-tex but do not fear. Hand stitch the lining opening closed. Press using a ham or sleeve ironing board.

12. Turn the top of each handle in by ¼ in and press. Insert and center the ribbon. Top stitch across the top of each handle to secure the ribbon. Tie in a bow.

Download the Pattern here to follow along

 Make several of these adorable wine bags in any kraft-tex color! This Mushroom wine bag was made using chocolate kraft-tex and Mushroom fabric by Dear Stella.

Our kraft-tex ambassadors all created amazing projects using Orchid kraft-tex

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Search #krafttexambassador on Instagram to see new creations each month. 


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