Journey of the New York Beauty Sampler

Journey of the New York Beauty Sampler

Posted by Cinzia White on Jan 26th 2021

Dazzling NYB Sampler Quilt is now available and is an amazing book that shows you how to make your own version of the Wedding Quilt. Designed and made by me, Cinzia White, for my son's wedding. I now provide you all of the patterns and instructions so you too can sew this award winning quilt.

Join the journey and make your quilt with others in the facebook group where you will see this quilt made in many other colours and fabrics. 

Questions answered and assistance provided by not only me but others who are venturing into this new quilt.

If you have never Foundation Paper Pieced before then check out the sew along that recently finished. All of the posts are still available. Want to make something smaller, then browse through the posts. There are already several runners and smaller quilts uploaded and more will soon be uploaded.

Check it out. This group will be a great asset as you make your own Dazzling NYB Sampler Quilt.

I thought I would also tell you about how The Wedding Quilt came about. Yes the quilt is named The Wedding Quilt, one of the less original names I have ever given a quilt but as my sons said it was made to celebrate PJ and Khanam's wedding and so was appropriate.

Actually truth be told, PJ and Khanam said that. Richard, my youngest son, said it should be called The Anniversary Quilt as it wasn't finished until their first anniversary. Such is life.

I had wanted to make a NYB for many years and although I love hand piecing that was not the best technique for this quilt. The FPP makes it a much faster and more accurate process. I hadn't made many things with FPP but wanted the quilt finished soon ... it only took me 2 years to make and 4 months of that was in trialing and making different borders plus finding the right colour for the border to bring the huge mixture of colours together.

I seldom finish quilts with repetitive blocks and love to design my own. The advantage of designing my own was that if something didn't work out as I thought it should I could simply make a change, draw up the new arc and make another one. This is how I ended up with a few leftover blocks. Many 'wrong' arcs could be used in different blocks from what I had initially planned and the leftovers ... oh they went into other projects. Waste not want not.

Another reason for designing my own was that I wanted something that actually fitted their bed. Most NYB quilts are square or made only with even numbered blocks. Neither of these fit a bed as I like it. Designing allowed me to make it suit a 7x8 layout and the new centre turned out quite amazing. It is one thing to see it in my head but totally another to see an idea actually work out.

Who will you make your quilt for? Which block do you think you will start with?


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