Join Piper's Girls for a Row Along in 2018!

Join Piper's Girls for a Row Along in 2018!

Posted by Erin Hamilton on Dec 5th 2017

Hi everyone, my name is Erin and I am one of the authors of Quilting Row by Row, a new release that came out in September. This book was a co-creation between myself and my mother -in -law, Jeanette. We were also creative partners for many years at a quilt shop called Piper’s, located in Utah. We taught many, many classes at our store over the years, but none were as fun and successful as our row quilt. We had beginners who were completely addicted quilters by the end, as well as seasoned quilters who mastered new techniques, such as appliqué, that had made them pretty nervous before. Our book, Quilting Row by Row, was inspired by this class where we made our beautiful Piper’s Girls Row Quilt, row by row, month by month.

At first the quilt might look a little daunting , but if you tackle it a month at a time, a row at a time, it becomes much more do-able. You know the saying: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It's just like that!

So, if you love it and want to make it, please join us for our 2018 Row Along! We will work through the quilt one row at a time, starting with the easiest and working our way up to the harder ones. You will learn a fabulous new quilting technique with each row that you will be an expert at by the end. And at the end of the year, you will have finished your own version of the beautiful quilt above! We will also be sharing many FREE bonus quilt patterns that combine instructions for a row from the book, with a new layout to make a stunning new project. Come one, come all, beginner and intermediate quilters can all stitch along. We will have extra tips to add to the wonderful techniques already in the book, giveaways, and so much fun—plus we will be there holding your hand throughout the process.

So, first get a copy of our book. Then convince a friend, your quilt group, or your favorite local shop to start a class and sew along with you. And finally, follow our blog:

We will have a “Getting Started” post a little later this month on our blog, and we will be officially starting the first row in January. We are so excited to start this quilt adventure with you! 

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