Introducing The Ultimate Guide to Rulerwork!

Introducing The Ultimate Guide to Rulerwork!

Posted by Amanda Murphy on Apr 13th 2020

In these crazy times is hard for me to believe only a month ago my schedule was choc-full of trips to shops teaching rulerwork. And it was over a year ago that my Acquisitions Editor at C&T told me she really thought there would be a market for a book that explained how to use rulers in the way I do in those classes.

"Really?" I said. And she replied, "Yes, I'm sure of it!"

And so, because I believed her, I started writing. Basically it was a stream of consciousness about what I say when teach rulerwork, from how to hold the rulers to how to get even stitches, along with notes of images that I wanted to take to show the techniques from start to finish.With refinement and rewrites, this became The Ultimate Guide to Rulerwork. It is companion to The Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book, in that the Idea book is a design compendium, while this book has a technique focus showing you how to use rulers to achieve good results.

In the Ultimate Guide to Rulerwork Quilting I also address trouble-shooting problems I normally see as I walk around a classroom. In classroom after classroom, consistent questions surface, so I knew they were some of the most important things to include in the book. Like why jump stitches occur, why you might get skipped stitches, the importance of quilting order, and many other things.

Little did that Acquisitions editor know that she would be stuck with me and our fabulous and patient photographer Edward Weiland for three full days taking photographs of all the steps that I would normally show in the classroom. And that we'd cover these techniques for both longarm and domestic machines.

In this book I show you how to do rulerwork using my beloved BERNINA machines (special thanks to BERNINA!) - both the 7 Series and the Q24.But you can, of course, take these techniques and use them on any machine that has a ruler foot. I also used my Good Measure line of quilting rulers, which you can purchase on my website from independent quilt shops, but you can also use to help you get cleaner results from rulers you might have already purchased.

Now we are in strange times. Who would have thought we would be on stay-at-home orders in our houses quite so suddenly this year? I hope you are able to find some silver linings to make every day a little brighter. Maybe learn to knit, or sew something new, or to try a new cooking technique, or maybe learn rulerwork? If you choose the latter I hope this book will help you!

If you have questions please join me in my facebook group, Quilting with Amanda Murphy because I miss teaching and interacting with all of you! And if you post projects with my rulers on Instagram please tag me @amandamurphydesign so I can see your beautiful work.

I really hope that you enjoy the book and it brings you some fun hours during your time at home!

Happy quilting!


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