Introducing the Modern Quilts Notebooks

Introducing the Modern Quilts Notebooks

Posted by Heather Grant on Mar 16th 2018

Introducing the Modern Quilts Notebooks!

After flipping through Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century, you’ll definitely have a few ideas for your next quilt project. Jot, doodle, and brainstorm your designs with these matching notebooks featuring quilts from the book! Each set of notebooks includes three colorful designs:

Echoed Arrows by Silvia Sutters

From the maker: “I decided to play with Half-Rectangle-Triangle layouts and this design came into life. I am often inspired by the graphic art on posters, so the idea was to emulate a graphic layering of the modern poster art with some saturated colors inspired by contemporary art to create the arrow effect seen on the quilt. The quilting also shows arrows going in the opposite direction.”

Synapse by Kari Vojtechovsky

From the maker: “Synapse is named after the minute gaps between brain cells. This quilt has thin sashing between the plus blocks, creating an interesting visual tension. The dynamic pops of pink make your attention dart from block to block, like nerve impulses sending signals from one cell to another. The circular quilting defines each cell. The end result is one eye-catching and elegant quilt.”

Log Pyramids by Liz Harvatine

From the maker: “This design was inspired by traditional Log Cabin blocks, using an equilateral triangle for the center ‘hearth’ instead of a square. I wanted to have uniformly sized ‘pyramids’ with precise piecing but add randomness with the width of the 'logs.' I had an acrylic triangle template custom made to facilitate trimming the blocks down to size while keeping everything centered.”

Get all three in one beautiful set! These softcover notebooks are slim and stylish, perfect for your studio or to throw in your project bag for on-the-go ideas.

Each notebook has both lined and dotted pages, so you can draft your next favorite quilt idea on one side and write notes like yardage, piecing instructions, or fabric options on the facing page.

Take your quilt designs to the next level with these awesome Modern Quilts notebooks — the perfect companion to your favorite modern coffee table book. Purchase them at or at

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