Introducing Make Booklets!

Introducing Make Booklets!

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Apr 26th 2016

We all love 'em: books packed full of projects to make, use, and share! That's why we've created our new series of Make booklets, value-packed books with projects hand-picked from your favorite designers. Our first three are coming out this month: Make PincushionsMake Star Quilts, and Make Pillows.

And what's one of the best things about a collection of projects from so many different designers? Getting to learn all of their tips and techniques, of course! Make Star Quilts is a great example of this.

In her stunner Bursting Forth, Barbara H. Cline covers the use of overlays to create depth and make the stars seem to jump off the quilt.

String-piecing is the star (get it?) of Mary Fons' Rum Raisin

Elena Roscoe will teach you block-in-block construction in Triple Star.

Learn Beth Ferrier's sneaky five-square geese method for Night Skies.

And fool the eye with a single block that appears to be two in Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting's Alternating Stars.

Plus, there are six other quilts, each with their own techniques, in Make Star Quilts! Which quilt would you start on first?

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