Interview with Lindsay Conner

Interview with Lindsay Conner

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Feb 1st 2017

Please welcome to the blog today Lindsay Conner, author of Modern Bee—13 Quilts to Make with Friends and On the Go Bags—15 Handmade Purses, Totes & Organizers. We have a short but sweet interview with her to share!

What are your go-to colors? 

Yellow, light aqua, and gray.

Where do you find your quilting or sewing inspiration? 

I am inspired creatively when I travel to new places and walk around museums, botanical gardens, or quaint little shops in small towns. If inspiration doesn't strike naturally, I like to go to Pinterest!

What was your favorite part of the book writing or production process? 

My favorite part of the process has to be working behind the scenes and talking with contributors to develop the creative projects in a book. Watching their ideas become finished quilts and patterns, and seeing those in a bound book for others to use, is truly my favorite part of writing.

Thank you, Lindsay!

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